Could Your Office Pooch Be the Face of Fido?

During National Pet Month in April 2018, bus and coach insurance specialist and risk manager, Gauntlet, is launching a search for the canine face that become a true star, fronting the publicity for its intuitive risk management service – FIDO – the Fleet Insurance Diagnostic Opportunity.


FIDO is all about sniffing out risks that can blight a bus and coach fleet’s claims record and send premiums soaring. Now, the risk management gurus at Gauntlet are on their own trail, to discover a cute, attitude-filled or happy hound worthy of being its safety product’s talisman.


Gauntlet’s team of bus and coach insurance specialists are on the trail of all those loveable dogs that spend their days in the transport office and around the yard raising morale, not to mention the alert should a stranger arrive.


Gauntlet is asking bus and coach operators to submit a photo of their particular pooch, so their ‘best friend’ can not only enjoy a bit of stardom, but also scoop Gauntlet’s Face of FIDO trophy.


Gauntlet’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, says: “We’re looking for the face of FIDO and know there are many loveable dogs out there in the passenger transport sector, which deserve a bit of limelight. 


“We’re asking operators to let us know about their dogs, perhaps picturing them proudly showing off a coach, or maybe even at the wheel!


“All pics submitted will be posted on our social media pages, before we pick a winner on April 30.  This is a chance to have the most important team member in your operation recognised, so let’s get to see all the hardworking hounds out there in the world of fleet transport!”


Keep checking on all the pics and likes and shares, so that everyone can see the contenders for the Face of FIDO 2018!  Gauntlet’s advice is that you need to be in it to win it!