Turning Risks Causing Frowns, Upside Down

For nearly 25 years, Gauntlet has gone the extra mile for its bus and coach customers and been a game-changer, expertly managing their risks with one goal – lower insurance premiums.

Now, it has raised the bar even higher, forming a crack team of expert brokers and risk managers, whose focus is on customers with wheels and with risks relating to those wheels.

Heading the team is Roger Gaunt, who founded Gauntlet to make a difference in the insurance market for bus and coach clients.

Gauntlet’s new sales director, Andy Parkin, has brought 30 years’ experience, to the broking team’s sales strategies, to engineer can-pay premiums for bus and coach clients. This former Towergate regional broking director, is now in Gauntlet’s driving seat, cracking the whip to provide a sales and after-sales service of industry-leading standards.

Working alongside Andy, there’s Angela McIver, Gauntlet’s sales manager, and a familiar name for many of Gauntlet’s many long-term customers.

And then there’s former Wrightsure associate director, Mark Monk, heading up Gauntlet’s southern office and offering top service to Gauntlet’s southern clients.

But now, we need a drum-roll, as joining the team there’s the ‘Man With the Keen Eyes’!


The Man With the Keen Eyes

The ‘Man With the Keen Eyes’, aka Andrew Scott, is Gauntlet’s specialist risk manager. He’s a wizard at helping a bus and coach operator turn their fortunes around, moving them along an axis from uninsurable or ‘distressed’, to a risk an insurer is happy to take on. 

Andrew’s keen eyes are fixed on bus and coach operators with real challenges – those perhaps notching up 40 or 50 claims per year and paying the price through whopping premiums. Andrew has such risks in his sights and is actively doing something about them.

In depots or yards, and face-to-face in offices, Andrew is flipping claims histories around, turning the hard-to-insure into attractive propositions for insurers, and getting premiums down way lower than fleet managers ever thought possible.

He’s devised award-winning claims innovations because he’s darn good at what he does. He really is getting those risks that are turned down, turned around and upside down.

Ready to let the Man With the Keen Eyes, and the rest of the team, become game-changers for your business, improving your bottom-line profitability?

Call 0113 244 8686 or email manwithkeeneyes@GauntletGroup.com