SEP 14 2016 Transform your fleet’s operation with Gauntlet Group

"Safety and insurance are becoming inextricably linked, against a backdrop of increasingly punitive legislation and the need for major cost savings”, says Ian McCarron, a Director of Gauntlet Group - an insurer and risk manager with over 20 years’ experience in the coach and bus sector.

Increasingly, fleet operators recognise that insurance alone is not enough to protect their fleet. Ian McCarron, a Director of Gauntlet Group: ‘Safety and insurance are becoming inextricably linked’ More are engaging in better risk management, to keep premiums down, but also prevent fraudulent claims and health and safety fines.

One advocate of robust risk management is Gauntlet client, Anthony’s Travel, winner of five industry awards in the last 2 years, including ‘Innovators in Safety’ and ‘NW Award for Improved Safety’.

Working with Gauntlet, operators like Anthony’s can transform its fleet’s operation, by instigating key risk management initiatives that ultimately make it a much better risk for insurers.

Additionally, operators can demonstrate a commitment to health and safety that is vital now fines are based on company turnover and behaviours that create a ‘likelihood’ of risk, even where there is no actual harm done.

Ways of improving risk include the use of comprehensive ‘Gauntlet Fleet Surveys’ and subscription to the cutting edge ‘Gauntlet Driving Monitor’ – both being innovative tools focused on enlightened risk management.

For more information, call Ian McCarron on 0113 244 8686 ext. 216.

(source: your fleet's peration with Gauntlet Group)