Specific Task/Equipment Risk Assessments

Here, Gauntlet will visit your business and assess how your workers operate and whether the procedures are legally compliant with current legislation.  We will also train your employees in the risk assessment process, ensuring they embed risk management into their everyday procedures.

Method Statements/Safe Systems of Work

After a risk assessment has been completed, a method statement or safe systems of work log should be created, to record, highlight and communicate the hazards that surround specific tasks.  Your Gauntlet consultant can not only identify your individual business’s tasks, but also set out clear directions for the completion of a task, from start to completion.  This will ensure that your employees, in whatever capacity they work within the bus, coach and minibus sector, understand how to complete their jobs safely and efficiently.  Just call 0113 244 8686 to discuss this further.


A COSHH (Control of Substances Harmful to Health) risk assessment is needed in cases where your employees within your bus, coach or minibus operation come into contact with, or handle, hazardous substances.  A COSHH focused risk assessment from Gauntlet will clearly identify the steps that the law requires you to take, as an employer, to keep your employees safe. All recommendations will then be explained to you, so that you can meet the obligations expected of you by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. 

If you do have employees who handle hazardous substances, do not overlook your duties.  One call to 0113 244 8686 can get you on the road to compliance.

Tool Box Talks

Safety training can become more fun, as well as more effective, if you used one of Gauntlet’s Tool Box Talks.  These provide short, concise information that a supervisor or manager within your bus and coach operation can deliver to their team, at any time.  Gauntlet has a suite of such talks, which are relevant to the needs of a bus and coach operator.

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Your bus and coach employees may carry out roles in which lifting and carrying are both necessary tasks.  If this is the case, Gauntlet’s health and safety team can help you create a plan to reduce their risk to a reasonable level, as well as meeting the requirements of the Manual Handling Operation Regulations 1992 (as amended).

It is your duty to provide a manual handling risk assessment, so don’t put it off.  Just call Gauntlet on 0113 244 8686 for further information.

Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

If your bus and coach or minibus company employs staff who work at a computer screen or display screen, you will need to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (as amended in 2002). 

Working at workstations and on computers brings its own risks to health and safety, which you will need to ensure are reasonable and controlled.  To help you do this, we have our team of Gauntlet health and safety consultants, who can visit your place of work and assess the risks.

Just call us on 0113 244 8686 for more information.