Gauntlet Gets Coach Sector Back On the Road With Top Insurance Guidance

Forward-thinking bus and coach insurance provider, Gauntlet, has again demonstrated the deep level of concern for its coach-sector clients on which it has built its reputation over the past 26 years, by producing an essential guide to help them get their vehicle insurance back up and running in an optimal way.

Following the pandemic’s impacts on the sector, Gauntlet’s conversations with operators made it clear that many were uncertain what path to take with regard to insurance.  Many had restructured fleets and laid vehicles up with reduced insurance cover.  Other operators had ceased to trade but have started up new entities and did not know how best to go about seeking insurance for their start-up.  Gauntlet’s guide has come to the rescue of both.

Entitled ‘Back on the Road: the Coach Operator’s Renaissance Guide to Insurance and Driving in 2021’, the booklet is a valuable resource for any coach operator coming out of hibernation as the tourism sector begins to reopen.   Even if operators are not yet ready to commit to getting vehicles back on the road, it is an essential planning tool for how to do it and how to engineer the right and most cost-effective insurance solution when they do.

Gauntlet’s sales manager, Angela McIver, is currently talking coach operators through the guide, explaining the best route towards getting their vehicles fully insured once more.  With such strong insurer relationships, she is already saving operators significant sums on the quotes they have been provided with by brokers who are not coach-sector insurance specialists and who have commission levels to hit, which make flexibility in approach impossible.  At Gauntlet, it is a case of customer first.

The guide covers how to best carry out an insurance audit and prepare a plan of action, how to work with Gauntlet to secure the most favourable presentation of risk to an insurer, how to ensure vehicle maintenance does not cause issues and how to tackle European travel, when that becomes possible once again.

Gauntlet’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, says: “We are proud to have responded to coach client concerns and quandaries by producing this comprehensive guide.  The months ahead will be a renaissance for those coach operators who have weathered the storm and getting the right insurance advice is absolutely essential.  

“By putting this guide together, we have ensured that any coach operator can gain clarity with regard to what they need to do, whether they are simply coming out of hibernation, are an expanded business that has grown through acquisition or are a new start-up coach operation.  The guide channels all of our expertise and differentiates us, once again, as the industry’s leading coach insurance specialist.”

Operators wishing to talk through their own situation and benefit from the guide, can contact Angela McIver on 07584 286294.   She and her team are working hard to have in-depth conversations with operators, addressing individual needs rather than providing blanket responses.  To benefit from that insight and client concern, all an operator need do is pick up the phone or email

You can also download your own copy here: