Liability insurance is there to protect you if a member of the public claims compensation and damages, given the nature of a bus and coach operation, can be viewed as an essential component of insurance protection.

Having public liability insurance in place will protect your bus or coach operation if a claim is made against you.  It will also provide you with cover for legal fees, if your business caused an injury or harm to a member of the public, or claims from damage or harm to property. 

Employer’s liability insurance, will protect you in the event of an employee making a claim, following an injury fatality or disease that occurred whilst they were working for you.  If you face such a claim, your insurance protection will step in to pick up the cost of the resulting award to the claimant. 

Gauntlet is experienced in packaging liability cover for its bus and coach customers, whether it does this by including it in the motor insurance policy, or sourcing a stand-alone policy that will provide liability protection.  

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