Bus operators often face limited choice when it comes to finding an insurer to protect their business. In this limited marketplace, it is important to have strong relationships with insurers – just like those that Gauntlet has forged for more than 20 years. This is something that most of our competitors lack.

In this environment, it is vital to maintain a lasting relationship between bus operator and insurer.  Here at Gauntlet, our approach is relationship-based and focused on working closely with our bus and coach operator customers, so that we can work in partnership to manage the risk and lower the number of claims arising.

We also take a helicopter view of bus and coach businesses and ensure we see all the factors that can affect your operation and lead to possible claims.  We will visit you for a quarterly claims review, but also arrange for your insurance underwriter to meet you, so they too understand exactly how your business is run.

Gauntlet can also often add elements of cover to a bus operator’s existing arrangement to provide a more comprehensive level of protection.  Elements we can provide include:

  • Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) cover
  • Flexible driving terms
  • Payment by direct debit and instalments
  • Long term agreements
  • Non-conventional insurance deals
  • Self-insurance assistance
  • Low claims rebates
  • Exclusive policy wordings and benefits
  • Dedicated account handler
  • Quarterly claims reviews
  • Annual claims analysis

If you now realise that your options are not as limited as you thought, call Gauntlet on 0113 244 8686.